New Vision Technologies, Inc.

“Instantiating Business Logic Through Technology”

Our company is narrowly focused on providing electronic information archival solutions to businesses of all sizes. As our tag line illustrates, we represent abstract business logic concepts by concrete technological instances. These instances, or solutions, are typically comprised of hardware, software and professional services.

We provide technology based data archival solutions which add significant business value in the following areas:

  1. Regulatory Compliance for Electronic Information, Including:

  2. Sarbanes Oxley (SOX)

  3. SEC Rule 17a-4

  4. GLBA

  5. HIPAA

  6. Regulated Telecommunications Information (CPNI, Customer Data Records, etc.)

  7. Unregulated Corporate Governance

  8. FRCP Compliance (Lawsuit Risk Mitigation)

  9. Intelligent Tiered Data Storage Architectures

  10. Content Addressed Archival Storage

We provide the assessment, design, implementation and support services to deliver only the highest quality solutions in the data archival space.